Thank you for purchasing a piece of our collection!

All pieces are handmade in unique or small editions here on Maui, Hawaii.
We ask you to store your piece in the small airtight plastic pouch which you receive with your purchase. This will prevent the natural oxidation process that darkens precious metals with time.
We use natural gemstones, which will break if you drop them so treat them with care, especially larger stones. We do not accept returns on stones that are damaged due to breakage.
Natural gemstones and pearls should not come in contact with any chemicals such as chlorine, perfume, hairspray, body lotion, or soap. Apply those first and wait a few minutes until you put on your jewelry.
Some gems are sensitive to sun exposure and will change or loose color when exposed to the sun for long periods, so it is recommended to store them in a closed jewelry box away from light sources.
We do not recommend wearing any jewelry in the ocean or pool.


should never contact chemicals such as hairspray, perfume, cleaners, and chlorine in pools. It destroys their surface luster. Remove jewelry before washing hands, showering, or swimming. All these factors in addition to acidy PH levels of the skin in sweat can make pearls dull. Clean pearls with mild non-chemical soap and polish with a soft cloth.


Always remove opal jewelry before it can come into contact with water or hard surfaces! Avoid exposure to sudden changes in temperature or humidity. Clean only with a soft clean cloth and never submerge opals in water, including saltwater! Do not put into an ultrasonic or steam cleaner or expose to any chemicals or alcohol.
By following our care instructions, you will enjoy your new jewelry for years to come!
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