The Eve Black jewelry line was created by Eve, a former architect and interior designer. She was looking for a design product that was more suitable for her creative and traveling lifestyle. Born and raised in Germany, Eve traveled the world and lived in many places such as London, Israel, Ibiza, Spain, and Los Angeles before settling on Maui, Hawaii.
  eve black jewelry Hawaii

Since 2008, Eve has created unique pieces inspired by Hawaii's beauty, mixed with a global design aesthetic. A steadily growing group of collectors in Europe, the US, and Canada established itself through the years.
We still hand-make every piece in the garden studio on Maui, using only the most intriguing gemstones and high-end pearls and shells. Pearls are the most sustainable gems, with Tahitian pearls being some of the highest valued pearls in the market. They are a gift from the Ocean, nurtured and formed by it.
eve black jewelry Hawaii
Eve's specialty is her sense of color, which becomes apparent in the many gems' ever-changing but still perfectly matching tones in one design. We use gemstones in all shades of the color wheel. Eve's dad was a geologist, so she appreciates unusual natural stones. She is also certified by the Gemological Institute of America ( GIA ) in Colored Gemstones.
    eve black jewelry Hawaii
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to upgrade your design with even higher graded pearls or 14 / 18 karat gold. Some pieces can be custom worked in Silver as well.

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